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Telling you everything from behind the scenes here at CP HQ. This is where we share our thoughts, tips and all our in-ground innovations!

In-ground Trampoline Drainage Solutions

In-ground Trampoline Drainage - our guide. 

A question we are often asked here at Capital Play is "'Will my in-ground trampoline fill up with water?" This only happens if you have a high water table or your soil type is heavy clay.

Create a small 'soak-away'

We recommend that during the installation of your in-ground trampoline digging a small 'soak-away' in the bottom of the bowl shaped hole and filling with gravel or shingle. This will act as a sufficient drainage solution for 99% of all in-ground trampoline installations.


Other drainage options:

However, if you know you have heavy, non-porus soil or you are close to the tater table and suffer with poor drainage elsewhere in your backyard there are other things you could build in as part of your installation project.

Option 1: The Simple 'As and When' Pump Solution

All you do here is to use a simple surface drainage pump to pump water out of the trampoline as and when you need to e.g. when the hole fills up with water after heavy rain. You take a temporary electrical supply to the pump (just use an extension cable from the nearest power point) , connect  to the pump, put the inflow hose into the trampoline hole and take the outflow hose to another area in the garden and switch on. The picture to the below shows this process.

Trampoline Surface Pump

There are many pumps available - you may want to look at the Karcher one pictured below. It's comes as a complete kit and comes with all the hoses and attachments, just Google:

Karcher GP 50 MC Surface Water Pump


Karcher Pump

Option 2: The Permanent Pump Solution

The idea here is that you put a 'submersible' pump into the bottom of your hole and connect to a permanent electrical feed. You will need to dig a trench for the cable and outlet hose (see top picture).

You can activate the connection either by using a switch in your shed or house (wherever you've taken the cable to) or by using a float switch (pictured) right. This makes a connection as the water level rises and moves the float switch into a vertical position which activates the connection.

Submersible Pump

Option 3: The Drain Pipe Solution

This is only possible if you can take a 4" drain pipe from the bottom of the hole to a lower area in the garden e.g. into a ditch.

This is a very good solution and works really well.  It's easy to install the drain (see below) and is not expensive - it will give you peace of mind & no need for any electrics.

4" Drain Pipe


Wait and see!

The other option is to wait and see if you actually have a problem. It's easy to access the hole after you've installed the trampoline, just remove the surround pads & jump mat. All of the options described below can be done retrospectively, so it's often best to 'wait and see'.



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