8 top tips for Trampoline safety

Used correctly trampolines are a great source of fun and exercise.

In addition to reading the instructions and warnings that come with your trampoline, follow our trampoline safety guide to stay safe, fit and healthy and avoid trampoline accidents:

  1. Only allow one person on your trampoline at a time, accidents can happen when people crash into each other!
  2. Can you see your kids? Kids should be supervised at all times when using their trampoline!
  3. No sharp objects on the trampoline – remove shoes, jewellery and empty pockets before using your trampoline
  4. Do you have a safety net? Trampoline enclosures can reduce the risk of injury and even save lives!
  5. Have you checked the weather? Rain can make the jump mat slippery and strong winds can unbalance both the jumper and the trampoline itself! Don’t bounce in bad weather
  6. Avoid somersaults unless training with a professional. Even the most experienced bouncer can fall badly whilst performing flips and tricks
  7. Are you maintaining your trampoline? Just like a car or bike, over time parts can start to deteriorate on a trampoline. Make regular checks to the jump mat, springs, frame and replace worn parts before they fail
  8. It is not advised for those under 6 years to use a full-size trampoline 

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Image source @chrislovesjulia