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In-ground Trampolines – The perfect adult trampoline!

A Capital In-ground Trampoline is the perfect trampoline for adults with its higher than usual user weight, with a recommended maximum capacity of up to 120kg / 265lbs adults can bounce safely in the knowledge that the trampoline is fit for purpose.

Our in-ground trampolines have been safety weight tested up to 480kg / over 1000lbs!!
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Installing an in-ground trampoline on a slope

Many customers ask if they can build an inground trampoline on a slope. The simple answer is yes. In fact most gardens have slopes of some sorts - however, it’s relatively straight-forward to install an inground trampoline into a slope....

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Learn how to flip on a Trampoline

Watch Capital Play's customer Finlay show you a step by step guide on how to land a front flip on an In-ground Trampoline. Warning: Doing flips on a trampoline can cause injury.    

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Kansas In-ground Trampoline Installation

This In-ground Trampoline installation in Kansas city was undertaken by Rieke Grading Inc. who are a premium grading and excavation company based in Kansas city.  You can buy your in-ground trampoline directly from us and install it yourselves (with the help...

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Mountain bike tricks training at home on an in-ground trampoline

Jake Warfield showed us how being in self isolation hasn't stopped him MTB training.  "I like to use my bike on my Capital Play In-ground Trampoline because I can practice and learn new tricks in the air without leaving my...

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Gymnastics training on a trampoline at home

During this time of isolation due to the Corona Virus Gymnasts and Trampolinists are bringing their training regimes home.    @gymnast.minnie is part of the UK Junior Acrobatic Squad and uses her trampoline to increase strength and power and to...

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The Ace Family's In-ground Trampoline - Los Angeles

Austin McKinley McBroom and Catherine Paiz's Capital Play In-ground Trampoline has been installed at their home in Los Angeles. It often appears on their social media accounts and Youtube channel. We're glad The Ace family love their trampoline!  

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California In-ground Trampoline Installation

Our customer @sarajohns shared some photos of her In-ground Trampoline in San Diego, California with us.  "We have been so pleased with our purchase! I can't explain how much we love the trampoline!"

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Washington In-ground Trampoline Installation

Thanks to @Fernandez_family_farm for sharing some photos of their recent In-ground Trampoline install in Washington State on Instagram. We're glad the kids love it! “We love our Capital Play trampoline so much! We use it a LOT! It is featured...

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Trampolines for small backyards

Do you have a small backyard? Don't think you can have an in-ground trampoline? This recent project demonstrates that you don't need a huge amount of outdoor space to create an accessible backyard or compromise on design. This owner was looking for...

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Why not to sink a normal trampoline into the ground

You're clearly an awesome're planning to sink your above ground trampoline into the ground? Don't do it! It may seem like a good idea at first to sink your existing, 'above ground' trampoline into the ground, but it often...

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6 Reasons to install an In-ground Trampoline in Spring

1. The ground is softer for excavation Generally speaking, installing a Capital In-ground Trampoline is a manageable DIY weekend job. However, the difficulty-level of excavation can vary depending on your type of soil, for instance clay is far harder to dig than...

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