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In-ground Trampolines – The perfect adult trampoline!

A Capital In-ground Trampoline is the perfect trampoline for adults with its higher than usual user weight, with a recommended maximum capacity of up to 120kg / 265lbs adults can bounce safely in the knowledge that the trampoline is fit for purpose.

Our in-ground trampolines have been safety weight tested up to 480kg / over 1000lbs!!
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How to install your Capital In-ground trampoline net

A step by step guide to fit your Capital In-ground net onto your Capital In-ground Trampoline, which should take you about five minutes.  The Capital Play Inground Trampoline comes with a fantastic range of full enclosure nets, half, side, corner...

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6 steps to choosing the safest Trampoline

Buying a good quality trampoline can help to keep you safe. Here are some points you should consider when choosing your trampoline: Does the trampoline have wide safety padding to protect the user from the springs? The padding should be...

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8 top tips for Trampoline safety

Used correctly trampolines are a great source of fun and exercise. In addition to reading the instructions and warnings that come with your trampoline, follow our trampoline safety guide to stay safe, fit and healthy and avoid trampoline accidents: Only...

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