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In-ground trampoline drainage solutions

Many people are concerned that their hole they've dug will fill up with water and make the trampoline unusable. This generally only happens when either you have a high water table or very non-porous soil such as clay.
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Rainbows, rabbits and determination - an interview with Gymnast Amelia

We had the pleasure of meeting 12 year old Acrobatic Gymnast Amelia Adam and her family this month and see some of the awesome training she puts in on her Capital Play In ground trampoline. Amelia is no ordinary 12...

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In-ground trampoline buyers guide

Thinking of buying an in-ground trampoline? There are so many on the market it’s hard to know which is the best in-ground trampoline and what makes it the best. Below are some tips of what you should be looking for:...

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