Sinking an above ground trampoline into the ground?

It may seem like a good idea at first to sink your 'above ground' trampoline into the ground, but it often ends up an expensive - sometimes dangerous mistake.

We've compiled our TOP 5 reasons why it's best to choose a purpose designed In-Ground Trampoline, so if you're considering either option, we are sure you'll find this helpful.

Less digging

No one really wants to spend 2 days digging a hole right? Not only is it pretty hard work but you have to find somewhere to put all the excavated soil too! the Capital Play purpose designed in-ground trampoline kit has a unique built in retaining wall which sits on a ledge, meaning you only need to dig a bowl shaped hole, meaning around 40% less digging for you or your landscaper.

Safer trampolining

Safety is obviously a consideration when choosing a trampoline. Digging an existing above ground trampoline that isn't designed to go into the ground could have negative safety implications.

Better bounce quality

It's all about the bounce! Even if your trampoline was super bouncy above ground, as soon as it's put beneath the ground there will be no where for the air to flow - which could result in a disappointing bounce.

lasts longer in the ground

Yep, it's true, you may not notice it for the first Summer, or even the second - but your above ground trampoline was not designed to be sat underground in constant contact with soil and water and it will be rusting and corroding to the point of being dangerous within months.

Looks amazing and costs less!

Purpose designed In-ground Trampolines are always going to look better than sinking your own trampoline into the ground. The complete kits are designed to give a perfect, flush to ground finish and the retaining wall will stop any soil falling into the hole and leaving gaps around the edge of the trampoline.