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Trampolines in the desert

Our in-ground trampolines with Black pads have recently been used as part of Desert X AlUla. Manal AlDowayan’s trampoline installation “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.” is a captivating piece of work, which has been laid out to resemble...

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Why not to sink a normal trampoline into the ground

You're clearly an awesome're planning to sink your above ground trampoline into the ground? Don't do it! It may seem like a good idea at first to sink your existing, 'above ground' trampoline into the ground, but it often...

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How to install your Capital In-ground trampoline net

A step by step guide to fit your Capital In-ground net onto your Capital In-ground Trampoline, which should take you about five minutes.  The Capital Play Inground Trampoline comes with a fantastic range of full enclosure nets, half, side, corner...

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6 steps to choosing the safest Trampoline

Buying a good quality trampoline can help to keep you safe. Here are some points you should consider when choosing your trampoline: Does the trampoline have wide safety padding to protect the user from the springs? The padding should be...

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6 Reasons to install an In-ground Trampoline in Spring

1. The ground is softer for excavation Generally speaking, installing a Capital In-ground Trampoline is a manageable DIY weekend job. However, the difficulty-level of excavation can vary depending on your type of soil, for instance clay is far harder to dig than...

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8 top tips for Trampoline safety

Used correctly trampolines are a great source of fun and exercise. In addition to reading the instructions and warnings that come with your trampoline, follow our trampoline safety guide to stay safe, fit and healthy and avoid trampoline accidents: Only...

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Did someone say Halloween trampoline?

Here at CP HQ we love a good party, so we decided to turn our latest In-ground Trampoline photo shoot into a bit of a Halloween Party. Which meant that super excited Darcy, Daphne, Isla and little Callum not only...

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In-ground trampoline drainage solutions

Many people are concerned that their hole they've dug will fill up with water and make the trampoline unusable. This generally only happens when either you have a high water table or very non-porous soil such as clay.
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Born to bounce!

We spent a really fun, sunny afternoon this August with Theo, mum Laura and the Rebound Therapy Organisation watching Theo having a great fun session of rebound therapy on the Capital In-ground Trampoline. Theo has Cerebral Palsy, and as such,...

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Rainbows, rabbits and determination - an interview with Gymnast Amelia

We had the pleasure of meeting 12 year old Acrobatic Gymnast Amelia Adam and her family this month and see some of the awesome training she puts in on her Capital Play In ground trampoline. Amelia is no ordinary 12...

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The Jump Shack launches our in-grounds in sunny Arizona

We've partnered with Tyler Landvatter from The Jump Shack to retail and install our global best-selling in-ground trampoline kits in Arizona USA. The Jump Shack offer our full range of trampolines and a gold standard installation service in and around the state of...

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In-ground trampoline buyers guide

Thinking of buying an in-ground trampoline? There are so many on the market it’s hard to know which is the best in-ground trampoline and what makes it the best. Below are some tips of what you should be looking for:...

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